Yoga Tune Up® Level 1 Teacher Training – Irvine, CA 1/27 – 2/4

Are you ready to take your teaching to the next level?

Join Maura Barclay at Equinox Fitness in Irvine, CA for a Yoga Tune Up® level 1 teacher training January 27th – February 4th!

Maura Barclay has the trainees de-construct Warrior II using directions of movement

This training will change the way you teach and the way you look at the bodies that show up to your class. With yoga being a healing practice, it is our responsibility as the teacher to “do no harm. Yoga Tune Up® breaks down the nuts and bolts of human movement by using a yogic lens of awareness, conscious relaxation, and proper breathing techniques. This new lens of awareness sets you apart from the average 200 hour graduate. During the 70 hour training you will dive deeply into integrated anatomy and body mechanics while discovering a fresh approach to Asana. Go beyond formulaic instruction and truly learn how to think and teach creatively within your classroom.

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A Little Bit of Anatomy Goes a Long Way…

Check out Yoga Tune Up® instructor Maura Barclay’s new monthly column for Yoga Tune Up® anatomy tips, updates, and information!

Did You Know that the Sciatic Nerve is as Thick as Your Thumb?

“Why do Yogi’s and Yoga instructors need to know this?”

“Often times sciatic pain, generally referred to as “sciatica” is actually caused by a tight piriformis muscle compressing this large bore sciatic nerve.  So putting these types of students in a nice Kapotasana (pigeon) for example, may actually relieve some or all of their discomfort.”

“Teaching any kind of movement without understanding how it impacts the joints and tissues is like driving with your eyes closed.”

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New Class at Equinox

Starting this Sunday (April, 3rd) I will be teaching a weekly Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball class at Equinox in Santa Monica! To celebrate this awesomeness I would like YOU…yes YOU to be my guest in a class.Don’t have a membership to Equinox and want to see what it’s all about? Send me a message from the Contact page!
Give me your tired muscles, your poor hunched over shoulders, your huddled rhomboids yearning to breathe free! I’ve got 30 minutes of sheer bliss (10:30AM – 11:00AM) using the Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls to excavate tension and relieve your aches and pains.

If you’d like a little preview, here is my favorite Tune Up Teacher Jill Miller doing an upper back sequence:

Self Massage for Upper Back Pain

Hope to see you soon!