You Call Yourself a Yoga Teacher?

A few years ago I was at one of my husband’s poetry events at a cafe, the event was pretty crowded and since I was sitting by myself I offered the empty chair next to me to a man I saw standing nearby. We struck up a conversation. Have you been here before? Are you a poet too? What do you do? I told him I was a yoga instructor and he mentioned that he had taken a few classes years ago. All was well until the waitress brought the tiramisu I ordered before he sat down.

” I don’t think yoga instructors are supposed to eat that.”Tiramisu-1

This was not the first or last time someone would tell me I was un-yogic. Other instances include:

  • Asking to be paid for the classes I teach
  • Drinking wine
  • Playing hip-hop in class
  • Playing music period in class
  • Not being vegan

Bonus: I curse too. Never been called out on it by the yoga police (yet) but just figured I’d share!

I can keep going but I’m sure you get my point. Almost all of these offending behaviors were pointed out by perfect strangers (well except for the getting paid one but that is another story). This also happens in the virtual world where people are even more bold!┬áJust recently I had the pleasure of interacting with a charming young woman on Facebook – let’s call her Ruby. Continue reading

Freedom in Vulnerability

As some of you may already know, The Magazine of Yoga is no longer publishing new stories. In the four months I spent as part of the team of contributors I learned so much from the editor (Susan Maier-Moul).

After what seemed to be a random email inviting me to write for her magazine I remember feeling terrified by the offer.

“What do I have to say and why would anyone take the time to read it?” – This was seriously my first thought.

In many ways the writing process mirrored my yoga practice. Showing up to my first class with uncertainty of what to expect, finding ways to modify the practice to work with my unique body. My articles were no different – with every submission I sent in there was a fear lurking in the back of my mind that my words would not resonate with anyone.

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