Yoga for Teenagers

A classroom with children's drawings on the wall and sand tracked in onto the carpet from tiny tennis shoes may not sound like the idea space to center 20 teenagers - but that is exactly what we did!

A classroom with children’s drawings on the wall and sand tracked onto the carpet from tiny tennis shoes may not sound like the idea space to center 20 teenagers – but that is exactly what we did! Special thanks to Manduka for providing the mats!

2013 has gotten off to a great start! My intention for this year is to bring yoga to people where ever they are and no matter their age, budget, or body type. The good folks at Manduka have helped me make good on this by providing 20 of their awesome mats! Their generosity could not have come at a better time as I was recently asked to teach an amazing group of teens at Temple Adat Elohim in Thousand Oaks, CA.

I normally have a few jitters about teaching a new class, but teaching to teens made me extremely nervous! They can spot BS from a mile away and tend to shut down when they think an adult is not truly understanding their needs. With this in mind I set my intention to be as honest and authentic with them as possible. Although this was not my first class with the under 18 crowd (I taught middle school yoga for two semesters at New Roads School) it was still a challenge.

I decided to open the class by first asking what they knew about yoga and how they could benefit from it? From there I just dove in with my truth – I started yoga to help with my anxiety.

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Monthly Women’s Yoga & Meditation Workshop

Starting January 2013 I will be hosting a monthly yoga and meditation workshop at the Loft @ Larchmont (recently featured on the Larchmont Buzz). This beautiful space is home to the private practice of Dr. Michelle Golland.

Loft @ Larchmont – 5700 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90038


“Dr. Michelle’s education featured an emphasis in Multi-Cultural and Community Psychology and she sees her role in the media and in her private practice as an advocate for the underserved and an educator regarding all things related to mental and emotional well-being.”


Dr. Golland’s educational background and commitment to helping women makes this a perfect match! I look forward to this becoming a space for women of different ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds to meet while sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation. I am no stranger to sharing how both practices have helped me deal with anxiety and mourn the death of a family member.  Continue reading