What Brings You to the Mat?

So excited to be a new Manduka Ambassador and to share some thoughts that have come about with (in my opinion) the obsession with asana. For many of us yoga has become a source of not only physical wellness but also mental and emotional wellness.

“To be honest, at one point in my practice, I bought into the idea that an “advanced” practice consisted of jumping back to chaturunga or effortlessly floating up into handstand in the center of the room. These movements require much focus and strength, but wasn’t I already demonstrating those qualities in chair pose or by sticking to my mediation practice twice a day? The feeling of wanting to recreate postures I’d seen on magazine covers came to an end upon learning that many of my favorite cover yogis had regular chiropractic appointments or were nursing injured shoulders and bulging discs.. It was not a moment of judgement but more of a wake up call that there is more to this practice than posing.”

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Regardless of what brought you to the mat for the first time, continue to show up and remember that asana is only ONE of the eight limbs of this practice.


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