The Magazine Of Yoga: Confidence, Empathy, Patience

The  realities of teaching to who shows up and honoring them in their current state…

I am under 30, have never been injured and naturally very thin – I don’t think these facts make me a better yogi (or a better person).

So often I hear that “yoga is for every body” and I even toss this phrase around myself; proudly explaining to anyone who is curious about starting a yoga practice that they will feel welcome and be accommodated in class. Honestly it’s something I never gave much thought to – just sounds good to say that yoga is all inclusive.

The reality is I had not personally experienced creating a safe space that was indeed for every body. I was incredibly naïve when it came to what kind of bodies would be in front of me as a teacher. Click here for full article



One thought on “The Magazine Of Yoga: Confidence, Empathy, Patience

  1. I read your article that was sent to me. I had just spoke to the group that I plan to hire at my new studio. Your column was sent in regards to my thought on making my studio – Inclusive!!
    I have practiced in many places, but find that my practice is enhanced when I see on the Mat next to me all flavors of people. Large, small, challenged or skilled, with or with out freckels, and yes color of skin.
    As I discussed this with the staff, I spoke about how my partners and I taught a class to a group caring for or have Parkensons. I saw the change in the glow that they radiated after we took them throught an asana that meet their needs.
    I shared with my teachers that the measurement that I use is the “Smile” on a persons face when they leave class. If we do our job, we will help some one learn to help themself and find a better day.
    Your articles helped me find more ways to help us move down this path. One key I found in your articles is the importance of accepting a person for where they are on their path and letting them know that we care.
    I will search your site for more ideas to enable us to find ways to be Inclusive!!!
    Thanks you for writing your thoughts.

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